I worked remotely today (the wave of the future), which meant I spent the first part of the day working from home in my pajamas. For the last couple hours of work, I’ve been sitting at Onion Creek. I’m meeting people here for happy hour, so it made sense to get here early and knock some work out first. Now I’m between “work” and “happy hour,” so I have a few minutes to write this. Instead of that play I need to finish. As my father has pointed out before, whenever I have a play deadline, my blogging goes way up. Because I know I need to write, but I follow the path of least resistance. Until it’s balls out, at which point I will crank that shit out. I hope.

One bit of people watching: a guy came in to meet two girls. He smiled at both and went inside to get a drink (they already had drinks). When he came out, the way he smiled at one of the girls told me that she was the one he was here to see. Then he sat down next to the other one. And the way she smiled at him, I could tell she thought he was here for her. And that made her happy. I quit paying attention to them until just a moment ago (the beginning of this paragraph) when I noticed the girl he liked was not sitting there. It was just him and the chick he was sitting next to. And she is pissed. Her chest and neck are red, and she’s obviously bitching about something. The other girl is on her phone in another part of the place. The mad girl keeps looking at her boyfriend, waiting for him to say something. He’s just staring at the table, either unwilling or unable to say whatever it is she wants. Uh oh. She’s going off now, getting louder. He’s running his fingers through his hair. Now the girl on the phone is back at the table. The mad girl is trying to get her attention (the universal “he’s being an asshole” pouty girl look), but phone girl seems to be having her own drama. On the phone. Which is just as loserish as the fighting in public couple.

Man, I don’t miss my 20s AT ALL.

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