titles! we gotcha titles!

Six Of One Productions (SOOP) is producing two new short plays in the upcoming Houston Fringe Festival, produced by the always lovely to work with BooTown. This will mark the first occasion for SOOP to produce another playwright’s work. I’m excited.

My friend Abby, who I know to be a sharp, funny, irreverent chick, approached me about doing a show together for the fest. She’s in grad school, in addition to her full-time job, so she didn’t really have time to produce her own play (which hadn’t been written yet, by the way – sound familiar?). Though I’d never read her writing, I said on the spot that SOOP would produce her yet-to-be-written play and a yet-to-be-written piece by me. This was a bit of a gamble. I have a lot of funny, smart friends who probably can’t write plays for shit. No offense. But Abby studied creative writing in undergrad, so I figured it was a pretty good bet she would write something great.

I can’t tell you how relieved I was, even still, when she sent me her script and it was FUNNY and SMART. Whew! It totally fits SOOP’s aesthetic (low tech, absurd, dark comedy), and I know it will go well with whatever I end up writing. Yeah. We need to start rehearsal in less than three weeks, and I still don’t have my play written. But here’s the deal: I cranked out an easy three pages shortly after the idea occurred to me (as usual, I was lying in bed trying to go to sleep when the idea hit – like a good little writer I got out of bed and jotted the idea down). But I didn’t completely have my characters right. I needed to think about things, which I have done for a couple of weeks. I have three of the four people nailed – still waiting on that final person to take shape. As soon as that’s locked in, the play will practically write itself. The good news is, I have enough information to come up with the title, which brings me to:

Six Of One Productions Presents
Two Brand Spanking New Plays
Houston Fringe Festival
May 19-23, 2010 (specific dates/times TBA)
Houston, Texas

Bring Your Jesus to Class Day
by Abby Koenig
Flagellating the Boss by Crystal Jackson

Watch this space for more details.

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