no time for games, she’s full grown

I just deleted my myspace account. Man, typing that out makes me realize how stupid it sounds. I will always appreciate that site because using it is what made me start blogging back in 2005. I had around 750 entries on myspace (there are only 577 on this site, which means a couple hundred entries didn’t make it over here – probably for good reason). I’m sad to have lost the many comments on the old blog, but I just felt like it was time to do a little spring cleaning. Plus, I was logging in over there about once every three months. I didn’t want to leave all those entries just sitting there with no one to tend them.

Speaking of blog comments, since I’ve been posting a link to each new entry here as a status update on facebook, I’ve been getting a lot more comments. The only issue is that most of the comments are happening over on facebook. This often leads to some back and forth between me and the readers or just among the readers, which is fantastic. But those pithy lobs back and forth aren’t attached to these entries and instead are lost in the ether of facebook, never to be seen again. I guess I just need to deal with the fleeting nature of this form of communication. I’m happy to have people commenting, regardless of where it happens. So don’t stop doing what you’re doing.

Time for a new poll. See upper right.

Outcome of previous poll:
If the world as we know it were to end, would you be a survivor?
– 43% Yes, definitely.
– 30% No. And that’s fine with me.
– 21% The world will not end, at least in my lifetime.
– 4% What is wrong with you?

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