cranky cranks

Those of us in Houston know that the majority of people who comment on the Houston Chronicle‘s stories are conspiracy theorists who hide behind the anonymity of the internet to spew vitriol. Typically, they choose to blame every ill on either Obama or illegal aliens (or both, if you go with the Obama-wasn’t-born-in-Hawaii fantasy). Even the most innocuous story about puppies and rainbows can somehow turn into a series of tirades from people who can’t spell, love guns and Amurca and generally come across as cranks. Cranky cranks.

There’s a story today about an old coot who shot a gun during an argument with his wife (he was drinking, she was not). Since he’s old, white and a former Marine, the majority of commenters just think it’s a cute little story about a guy who’s a real character. If this had been a story about a young man with an Hispanic name, they’d be yelling for his death and/or deportation (even if the story never specified that he was illegal – posters assume anyone with an Hispanic last name is an illegal alien), talking about how their taxpayer dollars paid for the six hours of the SWAT team’s presence. They would especially take issue with his “threat” to take down “the whole [expletive deleted by the Chronicle] Army.”

I know, I know, it’s my fault for scrolling down there and reading that bullshit. I do this to myself.

In other local news stories, girls named Crystal are trashy and usually end up in prison or stripping.

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