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There’s a new addition to my blog – see the poll in the upper right corner. I’m curious about something. When your fringe “friends” on facebook – the people you aren’t actually having a relationship with at the present time (maybe you used to work with them or went to school with them or served time with them) – when they post stupid shit on their profiles, stupid shit that makes your eye twitch when you read it, what is your response?

It would be silly to engage them in a political/religious/taste in boy bands debate in that forum, especially since you’re not really friends. Who cares what they think? But maybe you don’t want to see their moronic ramblings about socialism and Hitler and secession anymore, so you have to do something. Do you just delete them from your “friends” list? Do you hide them?

I realize this is a really insignificant question to be asking, but I am honestly curious. My typical approach has been to hide people, but now I’m feeling like that is too passive a move. And lord knows I don’t like being passive. About anything. Should I be deleting these fools? Tell me what you do when faced with this situation. And if my list of “friends” suddenly starts to shrink, I guess that’ll be an answer, too…

(I realize that not accepting friend requests from non-current friends might be one solution, but if I did that I would have missed out on reconnecting with some cool folks. I just saw a chick a couple of weeks ago that I hadn’t seen since high school, and I’m so glad to have gotten back in touch with her.)

And while on the subject of facebook, read this (thanks, Houston Press).

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