green thumb(s), drama

My bizzaro gardening/yard work fever continues. I spent yesterday evening placing rocks around my recently installed above-ground garden. I’m doing a design with the rocks, and I have a feeling it will look like an anal-retentive autistic person laid them. But I likes it, so whatever.

This has been a good month for seeing plays around Houston. I saw the Alley’s The 39 Steps last week. It was wonderful, mindless fun and a two-hour escape from reality. Over the weekend I saw Unhinged’s production of The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told, which my buddy Dennis directed. He did a great job with the script, and there were some real knockout performances. Horse Head Theatre’s Fault Lines is next week (a play staged in a real bar – what better combination is there?), and then Catastrophic Theatre’s Our Late Night is the week after. So many wonderful plays in just three weeks. I’ll be on a theatre-high. Which will hopefully lead to me writing that play I have to produce in May…


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