afternoon delight

The weather this weekend was so awesomely amazing, I did yard work for two days in a row. I love Houston in the springtime. I was planting flowers and weeding and laying mulch and creating a rock garden like a mofo. Ended up with a plumber’s butt tan – my jeans were low rise and I guess my shirt was high rise, so the exposed pasty white flesh is now a rosy pink. Hot.

Took a break at one point yesterday afternoon and walked around the back 40 looking for rocks to add to the rock garden. Visited the old tuba – the neighbor must not have knocked anyone on the head lately because it was looking pretty dusty. James took a picture of it for your viewing pleasure:

I’m really glad that thing is at the far end of the yard where I rarely go. I then visited the funky old shed in the far back end of our yard (at least we only have one, unlike the tuba player who has about six). This shed is the place where the crazy serial killer would stay if we had one of those. I started to walk inside to see if there were any interesting items to add to the rocks when I saw a tiny owl sitting on top of some shelves. At first I didn’t think it was real because it didn’t move when Stella and I entered. Then I realized that I’d never seen it there before, so if it wasn’t real that meant that the serial killer was starting to move his stuff in, beginning with his stuffed owl. James snapped a blurry picture of it (didn’t want to blind it with the flash):

Cute, huh? It’s only about six or seven inches tall. Must be a baby. Funny that we left two baby owls in our backyard in the Heights and now have a new baby owl at the new place. Or one of the baby owls from the Heights followed us, which I find vaguely creepy.

While I’m on the subject of the backyard, I don’t think I’ve told you about the grave that’s back there. We’re assuming (hoping) ’twas a dog at some point. The concrete marker – a flat slab that’s about 20″x20″ – says,

Chamus the Famous
We loved you
August 1983

My brother Tohner thinks it would be funny to dig up the area around the grave and then put some bloody paw prints on our back door while James and I are at work.

I don’t think that would be funny at all.


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