I am once again in the unenviable position of having to write a play in short order – three weeks or less. Evidently my muse likes it that way because this situation keeps repeating itself. How did I end up here again? Six Of One Productions is going to produce a show in the Houston Fringe Festival in May. We did a slot in the Festival last year and had a great time. This year, we’re going to produce two short plays: one written by me and one written by Abby Koenig. This is a first for SOOP, to produce another playwright’s work. Maybe we’re growing up. Awww.

I hadn’t planned to participate in the Houston Fringe Festival this year because I’m still working on my first full length play and didn’t want a distraction. (By “working,” I mean I keep thinking about it. I haven’t done much literal writing on it in months.) But then a few SOOP members expressed an interest in doing a show, and I really like the people at BooTown who are hosting the thing, so, eleventh hour, SOOP submitted an application. I also wanted to show my solidarity with BooTown over the usage of the name Houston Fringe Festival. They’re getting grief from another arts org in town that thinks they (the other arts org) should have rights to the name “Houston Fringe Festival” because they are somehow more relevant/important to the arts community in Houston (per this article in the Houston Press). I call bullshit on that, so now I have to write a play in three weeks.

Unrelated: If you like pickles, you’ve gotta try Wickles Pickles. They are the damn tastiest little nuggets of former cucumber you’ve ever put in your mouth. Equally good on a sandwich or as a snack with a chunk of cheese. Seriously. And this is not a paid advertisement. I’m sitting at my desk eating tuna with Wickles while I write this blog. Living the dream.

[So none of you feel mislead by the title masochist, as some of you did with the last entry’s title, I slammed my thumb in my desk drawer. On purpose.]

[One of the main rules of this blog is that I can’t lie, so I’m not kidding about the thumb. It’s still throbbing.]


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