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The helpful stat counter on my blog tells me what search terms bring me the most traffic. I’ve written before about the odd search terms that have brought people here. After getting a hit every day or two for the term “midget arm wrestling,” I thought I’d google those words to see where my blog landed in the results. It’s the first result. Which is odd because I only wrote about midget arm wrestling once. You’d think there would be at least a couple of websites entirely devoted to the sport. Perhaps you should start one. Because there are people out there who are hungry for it, man.

The blog entries that get the most traffic are this one and this one (that second link is to my second blog, the place where I reposted all of my Ask a Dilettante columns from houstonist and wrote a little about the last prez election – it is mostly abandoned these days) (though I will resurrect it if someone sends a question to Ask a Dilettante). Interesting note: both of those blog entries were sparked by Mason. The first is a collection of pictures from his wedding in California and the second is an Ask a Dilettante column where I answered a question he submitted. He was always good with marketing.

Here are some other interesting search terms from recent days to my secondary blog:
– fucking in trucks
– gay dilettante
– bathroom encounters
– fuckfuckfuck
– stupidization of America
– “mispronounce your name” “same gender”
– does a dog count for an HOV lane
– facebook “shove religion”
– Brochures on Alien Hand Syndrome
– “mardi gras titties”
– the Chinese conspiracy
– mayor bill white fucking truck
– houston butt artist
– best porn wc incamera toilete free
– watch earth girls are easy
– is dilettante an insult
– going out “without my girlfriend” fight

This list is more interesting than my blog.


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