gray hair(s), traffic

Over the past few months, a light sprinkling of gray hair has landed on my head. I’m really hoping that I’ll develop some kind of cool Bonny Raitt-esque streak in front. Because that would be awesome. I’ve never colored my hair and don’t plan on starting now, so it’ll be interesting to see how things develop. It’s a hobby. And evidently I’m the most boring person in the world.


On my way to work and my way home, I encounter two similar traffic situations. In both cases, I sit in a long line of cars either going I-10 to 45 (in the morning) or vice versa (in the evening). As I sit in my car, usually listening to the Gulf Coast Rocker, a number of people (very, very important people, evidently) cruise along in the open lanes – while us chumps are sitting still – then cut over at the very last minute to go the way we chumps are going. So the question is – are they assholes for cutting off the people who’ve been (un)patiently waiting in line, or are we chumps for sitting there when we could be doing the same thing? And if everyone did the same thing, would that redistribute the traffic such that the line wouldn’t be as bad? Or would it just cause a clusterfuck of cars trying to cram onto the exit at the same time?

(I realize that some of these people just don’t know where they’re going and are making last minute adjustments. I submit to you, though, that most of these offenders know exactly what they’re doing. Pissing me off.)


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