new website

I completely redesigned my website over the past couple of days. I stayed up later last night than I have in a long while. What a dork. As mentioned previously, I decided to buck tradition and put my complete scripts online. Two one-acts and three monologues. I might add more, but that’s enough for now. I “protected” the scripts by setting it up such that you have to have a password to print or copy them. So unless someone wants to do a lot of typing, it’ll just be easier to ask me for the password (and by extension, my permission to produce my work).

And now, people who didn’t see the infamous monologue that was on the news (Redneck at Tiffany’s) when we produced it in Houston can read it for themselves. Though it won’t be quite as good as seeing it performed. Depending on where you work, you probably shouldn’t read it aloud.

I’m still tweaking (the website, I’m not on meth), so there will be a few more changes to come. If you can think of a question for my pitiful FAQ, please leave a comment here or in my email.


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