the big four oh

My age has never been an issue for me (perhaps because I’m immature), but I am approaching one of those “big” birthdays in a couple of months. In March, I will turn forty. I don’t think I would have been freaked out about it before Mason’s departure, but I can say for sure now that I will revel in every birthday I have for the rest of my life because I still get to have them. If you spend your twenties being a jackass and your thirties getting your shit together, I’m hoping your forties is where you figure it all out. Whatever “it” is.

Here are just a few of the changes that I’ve noticed over the past few years.

– The weather is a very interesting topic that must be discussed every day.

– My tolerance for dumbasses is at an all-time low. (Granted, it was never that high to begin with.)

– Though I don’t think that my face looks 40 (no, thanks, you don’t need to show me a mirror), I know that my hands do.

– Gardening seems like something I could maybe get into.

– Peeling hard boiled eggs is oddly satisfying.

– It’s easier to say “no” than it used to be.

– People with (self-created) drama are (gently) shown the door.

– What I do during working hours has become less important than what I do the rest of the time.

When my brother Tohner turned 30, he asked that each of his family members write something about the year they turned 30. Upon reflection, 30 was a fairly monumental year for me. A lot of great and horrible things happened during Y2K (except for Y2K, ironically), and it was a time of exponential personal growth. So I’m curious – of those of you who have already celebrated 40 – what was that year like for you? If you’re willing to share, shoot me an email. Or, if you’d like to share it with the tubes of the internet, post your story in the comments.

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