tee shirts

I’m wearing one of Mason’s tee shirts today. He wore this one a lot last year, and I’m happy to put it in my rotation. Yes, it is a vulture in a suit holding a closed umbrella – it’s a Them Crooked Vultures shirt. I better get more familiar with that band or I’ll be busted while wearing this shirt by someone who will assume I know more than I do. I think that might make me a poser, but I’m not sure.

I have a number of cool tees from Mason. Two shirts from live music venues that no longer exist (NYC’s CBGB and Houston’s Satellite Lounge). A tee I gave him from the Onion that says, “I’m in a promising local band.” Lots of band shirts, including one from Spacehog. I wore that one to bed the other night. Shortly after settling in, James threw back the covers, startling me. I asked him what was up, and he pointed at my shirt. The Spacehog shirt glows in the dark (which I didn’t know), so he was seeing a little alien hovering on my chest. Awesome.

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