one flu over the cuckoo’s nest

I rarely get sick. Maybe once every couple of years. So when I found myself in the throes of whatever nasty illness enveloped me last week, I felt like I was an inch tall. It wasn’t the flu but something more nasty and longer lasting. My voice sounded like Kathleen Turner drank a pot of scalding hot coffee, removed the ensuing blisters from her throat with a small metal rake and then gargled salt water. I have coughed so much my abdomen is sore. But I can finally breathe through my nose again. I feel like I can complete a thought now that my brain is getting enough air.

Even though I can complete a thought, that doesn’t mean my brain is ready to come out of hibernation. So instead of writing something pithy, I thought I’d share a few hot links for you to check out.

Fuck You, Penguin
This is a wonderful balance to saccharine sweet cutie patootie animal sites and youtube videos.

A place to fund interesting projects. Hey, the NEA no longer gives out individual grants…

Advanced Style
I have the fantasy that some day I’ll dress fashionably (which is very different from dressing in fashion, which I never hope to do). The great thing about aging is that you – or at least I – care less and less about what other people think. That frees you to wear fingerless knitted gloves and 80 bracelets if you wanna. I especially love the dapper gents on this site.


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