this is not a review, and then it is

This is not a review of the Tamarie Cooper Show that is currently playing at Stages. I don’t do reviews of other people’s shows. I will say that it is funny as hell and my stomach actually hurt after. I can’t remember laughing that hard in a theatre in a long time. Maybe at a Paul Mooney concert, but that’s stand up. Slight difference.

I will, however, review my experience in the lobby. My friend and I had been standing in line for five minutes or so, patiently waiting to pick up our tickets, when an obnoxious woman jumped ahead of us just as we approached the counter. She then called to her girlfriends to join her – in front of us. She’s getting various sets of tickets for her various sets of friends when my friend says something about how rude and obnoxious she’s being. (While this is exactly the sort of thing you’d expect to come out of my mouth, it was totally UNexpected coming out of his.) She turned around and said, “I’m a board member here. I get preferential treatment.” Isn’t that delightful? Especially considering we weren’t there to see a show at Stages, we were there to see a show by The Catastrophic Theatre in a space at Stages.

Someone should let her know: if you’re truly that important, you don’t have to bother with being in line at all because someone will slide your tickets onto your palm right after you walk in the door. If you have to announce your specialness to the world, it is, in fact, not so.

Also, the AC wasn’t working well in the lobby or in the theatre (maybe because it was 100 degrees outside). The fact that Tamarie’s show was THAT funny in a hot theatre space is saying something. People can’t hear in a dark theatre, and they generally can’t laugh in a hot one. You should go see the show before it closes – it’s playing this weekend and next. And wear something cool.

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