– Sometimes when I’m listening to really mellow classical music in the car, I feel like Hannibal Lecter (you either know the scene I’m talking about or you don’t – I couldn’t find it on YouTube). Not like I want to kill and then eat people (or vice-versa). More in the sense of: I’m listening to what should be soothing music, yet there is a winding up of energy in my body that wants to burst out. Only my winding up is released in a totally non-violent manner – usually a shower of words/thoughts thrust upon unsuspecting coworkers or blog readers. This does not happen when listening to classical music that is full of robust energy/emotion. Just the quiet stuff. Perhaps I should change the station.

– It’s a yin/yang thing. I have a distinct memory of sitting with my friend Jim at Diedrich’s Coffee (RIP) doing the NY Times crossword one late morning when a friend of his who’d just finished teaching a yoga class stopped at the table. She was so fucking zen, her words didn’t come tripping off the tongue – they sort of dripped off. One droplet at a time. And then took about 30 seconds to fall to the floor. While on an intellectual level I could appreciate how relaxed and at-one-with-the-universe this chick was, she made my heart rate increase. Seriously – I felt a direct rise in my energy to balance the black hole she was creating. Perhaps this is why I like people who think fast and talk fast.

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