If I ever refer to myself as the “princess of Houston theatre” – or the princess of anything, really, except maybe sarcasm – please feel free to kick me in the ass. Hard.

I can’t do the speed bag at the gym for a bit because I rubbed the skin off on the side of my left hand when I worked out Monday night. I’m now forced to either put the hand wraps on or wear my biking gloves in order to protect my hands. Nerd.

If you want to eat a healthy lunch, check out Bowl on lower Richmond between 59 and Montrose. It shares a wall with the bar Absinthe. You choose 10 ingredients for your salad (they have about 60 to choose from) plus a cheese and a dressing. Awesome, fresh and healthy. And the soup is good, too.

If you want to lose your appetite (while being oddly hungry), check out this link.

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