broke my own rule

Useful ideas often pop into my head when I’m trying to fall asleep. Friday night (after a few too many drinks, admittedly) I found the solution to a particularly vexing problem I’m having with the play I’m writing. It was such a ridiculous – yet perfect – concept, I was sure I’d remember it the next day. I didn’t do what I usually do – get up to write it down. You can guess what happened. So now I’m faced with having to drink my fill again in hopes that the idea comes back to me. I’m not optimistic because that’s not how these things usually work, but in the name of science I’ll give it a go. This play is kicking my ass, by the way. I’m too much in my head and not enough about the writing it down part. This may be the most absurd thing I’ve ever written, and I have to make sure I get the tone just so.

Joined the UH gym last week. I have been enjoying my morning walks but needed to up the ante. The gym is ridiculously huge. And very clean and modern, including a two or three story rock climbing wall. Yeah, no chance in hell. My last gym experience was the downtown Y a few years ago. I got used to working out with a bunch of old queens who were wearing really tight shorts – the youngsters at the UH gym cut a different swagger. A gym is a gym, mostly, and I have no doubt I’ll come to enjoy my time at this one as long as I can get over the whole room full of people on treadmills not going anywhere thing that always makes me feel slightly ridiculous. We don’t have to run from lions or the Amish or whatever, and it’s too hot to run outside, so you do what you must. Oh, and they have a speed bag! I haven’t worked out on one of those since the boxing gym days a decade or so ago. Evidently it’s like riding a bike. I’ll probably leave the hand wraps at home, even though they make things so much better (keeping your knuckles in alignment and all that). Might be a little like wearing a helmet on the elliptical machine.

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