The temperature readout on my car no longer shows numbers. Now it just says, “What the FUCK?” I’d leave the windows down a bit, but I’m worried a squirrel will get inside or someone will pee in my car. I related this fear to a couple of coworkers, and they thought it odd that I’d worry about someone peeing in my car. Am I alone in that fear? Huh. I mean, I don’t really think that would happen.

But it could.

This heat is making it hard to do most anything. I’m feeling quite lethargic and mentally slow. I don’t like it. It’s sad when the early morning temp of 80 degrees actually feels cool and comfortable in comparison to the rest of the day. Maybe if it gets up to 125 degrees, 105 will start feeling cool. I won’t be around to find out because I will have exploded/imploded by then. I run on a higher temperature than most people already, so this shit is for the birds. In fact, it might be time to fry an egg on the sidewalk and call it a day.

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