– The former Pig Stand on Washington Ave. is about to open up as a two-story sports bar. Ye gads.

– Finally found a use for Twitter. I was going home from a meeting last Monday night when I encountered a roadblock on Montrose at Waugh. While sitting there not moving, I logged on to Twitter to see if anyone had posted information about what was happening. Someone had. So, while I have little interest in learning what my lovely friends ate for lunch (though I still love you), I do appreciate using the site as a way to obtain immediate news (and share when I’ve written a blog because it brings me new readers). The only way to manage the online part of my life is to pick and choose what I spend my time doing (both reading and writing). I’d rather spend 15 minutes writing a blog entry than 15 minutes writing 100 Twitter updates. And that’s okay. The only other option is to go totally luddite in a cabin in the woods, and I’m not at that point. Yet.

– On the way home from grocery shopping Sunday morning (before 10AM), I saw a motorcyclist pulled over on 610 near the Woodway exit. He was standing next to his motorcycle…wearing a rifle. Is that legal? To ride around on a motorcycle with a rifle strapped to your body? Seems it should at least be in a carrier or something. Maybe it’s not as intimidating when he’s in motion because his hands are busy operating the motorcycle. But driving by someone who could shoot you with one easy movement is not a comfortable situation in which to find yourself. I realize, of course, that living in Houston means that I’m probably never very far from people with guns. It was just such an odd thing to see on a sunny Sunday morning.

– There are a shitload of cameras on I-10 between Studemont and Washington. What’s that about? I’ve been noticing cameras more and more in this city. We’re turning into London. Mind the humidity.

– One of the new theatre groups I’ve been working with (Horse Head Theatre) is this week’s Cultured Cocktails featured artist. Happy hour is from 5PM to 10PM this Thursday (June 18) at Boheme on Fairview, with a portion of the proceeds going to Horse Head. I’m excited because I hear the place has good sangria. I love good sangria and am even sort of fond of shitty sangria.

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