let’s all go to the movies, or UNPLUG you jackals

Yesterday, James and I hit a matinee showing of Drag Me to Hell. We go to the movies only about once every couple of years. It just doesn’t come up that often.

After some drama at the ticket kiosk (overly-tattooed jackass jumped in front of me in line – I said, “HOW RUDE,” he turned around like he was going to say something then saw me and James and thought better of it), we found our seats. Once the film started, there were little spots of green and blue and white hovering in the darkness. Seems some people pay money to sit in a darkened theater so they can send text messages and read their email. Then about halfway through the film, the guy in the row behind us and one seat over decided to put his bare feet on the top of the seat next to mine. Which brings me to this question:

Where the fuck did manners go?

I mean, it’s tacky to put your feet on a seat in general, but it’s really unacceptable to do so when another person’s head is mere inches from your nasty toes. There was an article in the New York Times recently (I can’t find it or I’d give you the link) about bad behavior at the theatre, which I haven’t seen in Houston too often, but I can definitely say there’s some real shitty behavior happening at the theater.

I’m amazed that no one answered a call, but I guess they didn’t have to because they were typing the entire time. The film was very entertaining – gory, gruesome and loads of fun. If that can’t keep you engaged enough to put your fucking phone up for an hour and 45 minutes, you need to reevaluate what you find interesting. Because writing twitter updates about how you’re at the movies and it’s making you LOL should be a lot less interesting than having the actual experience with no distractions. Last time I checked, you have to look down to type on your phone. Looking down during a movie kind of defeats the whole purpose, you know?

I know because I had to keep fighting the urge to look at all of the floating green, blue and white screens in my periphery.

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