I recently changed the route that I walk, and I realized on my walk yesterday that I was passing by this house. When I first read that it was located on Cottage, I immediately knew which house it was. A friend of mine used to live across the street from it, and it’s been in bad shape for years. I thought about peeking in the window yesterday but felt like I’d be trespassing. Today, I said what the hell. I mean, they took the innards out of the house – surely they expect people to check it out.

But evidently not too many people. The outside of the house is supported by braces since it’s unstable now that the inside is missing. I took my earbuds out (so I’d be able to hear if things got too creaky) and went up on the screened in front porch to peek inside. I was surprised at the strong emotion I felt looking at what is left of the house. I was disturbed by what I saw. It felt very…wrong for a house to be missing its insides like that. Exposed in a horrible way. I think it didn’t help that the interior of the house is in such bad shape – and obviously has been for a while – from water damage and neglect. Against the far back wall (what used to be the kitchen), an old stove teetered backwards, waiting for its trip to the dump. It was just…sad.

I couldn’t get off that porch fast enough. It was kind of like looking at a dead animal. I know that sounds melodramatic. It surprised me, too. I expected it to feel more whimsical, I guess. Something like what I felt when they did Inversion. I drove my grandfather by that piece, and we both got a good chuckle out of it. Maybe if I can get someone to go with me, I’ll check this place out again. I don’t expect it’ll ever feel whimsical, but it might not be as surprisingly bleak as it was today.

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