fringe, among other things

The fringe festival that Six Of One Productions participated in this past weekend was a lot of fun. It was great hanging out/talking with theatre people from so many different groups around Houston, way beyond the dozen or so that participated in the fest. I was especially pleased with the reaction to Militia Slumber Party, or Embracing the New World Order. Dennis did a great job directing the piece, and each of the actors brought a lot of life to their characters. I’m always amazed at the magic of the collaboration that happens in the theatre arts. It is truly a team effort. And oddly addictive. As always after a production, I’m motivated to get to work on the next thing. I’m about three scenes/20 pages into my latest play, and I’m itching to get back to work on it.

Thank you to everyone who came out in support of our show and the other pieces in the festival. The crowds were pretty sizeable, which bodes well for Houston theatre. More and more theatre groups are forming lately, and they need audiences to survive. Speaking of audiences, the stuffed animal play is going to be in New York again (if you’re there and interested in seeing it).

Yesterday, the internet was atwitter with the news (confirmed as false a few hours later) that Patrick Swayze had died. The ghoulish way that so many people jumped on that story – without it being verified by any credible news source – was a creepy testament to the way social networking sites spread news, whether true or not. It’s a smaller version of the way mass media works, where each person wants to be the one to “break” the news to their group of people, so they immediately post “RIP Patrick Swayze” before things have been verified.

I love this stuff, though I’m bothered by the reference to putting it on roasted dog meat.


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