we’re freaking out, man

Stopped by Target after work yesterday to buy a few last minute essentials for our trip to California. Mini-mouthwash, sunblock, that sort of thing. And, of course, liquid anti-bacterial soap, something we always take when we travel so we can go from petting a goat (because we do a lot of that on trips) to eating a shawarma without getting goat goo in our food.

You can guess what the scene was. Not only were they out of any sort of no-water-necessary soap, they were also out of the little soapy towelettes that come in a package. It was the same the vibe Houston gets right before a hurricane, when everyone has that hint of desperation and they are just grabbing things willy-nilly, as if having 10 cans of spam and a bottle of Cholula will keep the hurricane from knocking their house down.

People were swarming the soap and toiletries aisles, hoping to find a soap that someone had missed. I watched women grabbing little bottles of mouthwash or bubble bath as if they’d discovered a secret, looking over both shoulders as they slowly put the item in their hand cart. Then they’d see it was not soap, and they’d chuck it back into the bin.

Sounds like I stood there for a long time staring like a slack-jawed jackass, doesn’t it? That may be, but I was also having fun picking out mini versions of things for the trip. They’re cute! And they’re mini! And they cost a lot more, per ounce, than a regular-sized version! And the toothpaste probably won’t last the entire trip! And I doubt I’ll even use the mouthwash! But, damn, they sure look neat and orderly all lined up on my dining table. Makes me feel like I’m going somewhere, man.


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