show me whatcha workin wit

There is nothing I like better than being in “show” mode. I’m not directing this time – my lovely and talented friend Dennis is steering the boat on this one. But I do go to rehearsals occasionally to watch the magic happen. I love seeing talented actors and a great director bring a script to life. Theatre is truly a collaborative art – it takes a village. And lots of booze. (Also, I love the fact that we rehearse on the fourth floor of the Alley, where the murder occurred in the ‘80s – something about that is so fitting.)

If you come to one of our two fringe fest performances, you will receive a Fight stupidization. sticker as a token of our esteem. And, of course, you can always receive one by postal service – check out this page for information on how to make that happen.

Swine flu. Unless The Stand was prophetic in nature and this is actually Captain Trips, I think we’re all going to be okay. Just remember – when people are scared, they’re easier to control. Don’t be scurred. And wash your hands, man.

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