another year over and a new one just begun

Today is my 39th birthday. It has been a great day. James made me breakfast, we went on a bike ride to enjoy one of those rare cool blue days in Houston, and I heard from numerous friends far and near. The celebration started last night with dinner at Dharma Cafe. I highly recommend the place if you haven’t already checked it out. Get a table near a window – the action on Houston Avenue is fantastic. Yuppies getting out of their shiny Mercedes, art cars, crack heads (we saw a guy carrying an AX through the neighborhood last night), low riders, ambulances. A constant parade of interest. And the food’s great, too.

Though I wasn’t appreciative of the menopause catalog I received the other day, I’m very happy to be where I am. My 30s have proven to be the best decade so far, and I have high hopes that I’ll say the same for the decades that are to come.


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