I tend to ignore most apps and invitations on facebook. The invites for a water balloon fight, the pokes, the prods, the games of hot potato. I’ll occasionally join a group that catches my fancy, but that’s about it.

One of my facebook contacts – someone I went to high school with who obviously doesn’t know me at all – sent me an invitation to sign a petition to put Jesus back into the public schools. Because that’s what’s going to make that happen. A bullshit petition on facebook.

(Side note: When will these “my God is the RIGHT God” asswipes realize that you can’t shove religion down people’s throats? Or that there are many other flavors of religion besides Christianity in this country? I know, I know. There’s no point in getting into that argument. You either get it or you don’t. But come on.)

Anywho, I decided to check out the Jesus/schools page. I scrolled down through a few of the comments and was struck by the theme that immediately presented itself. Here are two un-doctored comments from the first few entries I saw.

I agree to put Christ back in the schools. Who was the moran who wanted him out?? They must be very sad and lonely… Pray for them so that they may find our Lord.

free education from beurocracy and make it free for all.

I would suggest that these two geniuses need to worry less about to whom people are praying and pay more attention to their ability to communicate effectively. They obviously spent more time in school praying than they did learning their lessons.

Oh, wait. Maybe not. Because I’ve noticed a trend on facebook as I get reacquainted with people from high school. The kids who were the craziest back then, the ones who were lucky to make it to graduation without dying or losing a limb or pregnant, those are the ones who now are conservative bible thumpers. Funny how that works.


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