dickipedia and etc.

Check out the dickipedia. Nice. There are a few names I’d like to add.

Went to the country last weekend to see the family in general and my new little nephew Rowan in particular. We played pass-the-baby for a couple of hours. He slept in the crook of my arm for a long time – now I know what baby elbow feels like. It’s really nice to have a new addition to the family. Now I won’t be the only kid at Christmas.

I have picked up one, possibly two more theatre clients (to do some writing) in the past couple of weeks. The dream of working from home becomes slightly more clear yet remains far in the distance. If only I could piece together enough income from writing arts grants, making beaded jewelry, playing with dogs, spouting off about things I know very little about, reading books, being sarcastic, cooking, creating interesting travel itineraries, giving unsolicited advice, feng shui-ing rooms…

Since we’re going on a trip in May, I thought I should put a period on the end of the last trip (to Grand Canyon). So I made a little video (from still shots and grainy video shot on my digital camera). I might put it on youtube and include a link here, in case you want to check it out. Everyone should go to Grand Canyon at least once. I look forward to going again some day, but there are some other places I have to hit before that happens.

[In case you’re wondering what’s up with the picture of Stella at the top of this entry – I’m trying to get into the habit of including images with my blog posts. In the future, those images will hopefully relate to the content of the post. If not, it’ll just be something random.]


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