A while ago, I bought some smartass underwear. An inside joke for inside my pants. They’re blue, and they have the word HEAVEN on the front, written in cursive, glittery letters. Ha ha. Or, I should say, they did. After repeated washings, the letters have faded away, leaving behind the faint ghost of the word. My smartass underwear has turned into a sad attempt at a joke. But they’re really comfortable, so screw it. (It bothers me to refer to one underwear as a plural. Why is it a “pair” of underwear? Not like you can put on single underwear. Just the front or just the back. Sorry. Too Seinfeldian.) (Had to look it up.Here’s an explanation.)

I have my first beaded jewelry “client.” I shouldn’t put that in quotes since the chick is actually paying me. I’m making 10 beaded rings for a party a friend of mine is throwing. I’ll post a picture when I’m done. Crafty.

Speaking of unnecessary quotes

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