I volunteered to make a few follow up calls for the station today, contacting people who called in to one of our recent digital transition shows with questions about getting a converter box, setting it up, etc. I’ve mostly spoken to some very lovely elderly folks who seemed quite tickled that someone from the TV station was calling them. Very sweet. So when I got on the phone with a recently retired lawyer who was pretty hip to the jive, I guess I overcompensated with the chit-chat and wasn’t as careful with my words. She lives not too far from where I do, and she can’t get Channel 8 on her new converter box. I have the same problem, and it’ll remain an issue until the transition happens and we’re broadcasting at full digital power. So she and I were shooting the shit about what a pain in the ass it is to not be able to get Channel 8 (I didn’t mention that I actually get it on satellite). Then I said, “I think it’s a conspiracy.”

The jovial mood of the conversation came to a screeching halt and she said, “WHAT?” As if I’d confirmed something she’d been thinking for quite some time. I quickly backpedaled and said that I was just kidding. But the damage had been done. I’ll bet she’s googling that shit right now.



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