writer’s block

One of my friends on facebook posted a message about his writer’s block, asking for suggestions on how to overcome it. Here’s what I recommended:

1. Alcohol
2. Exercise
3. Do something purely physical and not at all mental
4. Have a deadline
5. Be accountable to someone else to finish a script
6. Do something artistic in a different medium (photography, dance, etc.)
7. Walk away from it and don’t give it power over you – it’ll want your attention badly enough to make it easy for you to write
8. Ask your muse to give a brother a break

Not sure if it’ll help him, but each of those things has worked for me at different times.

And I hope they work for me again. I had tea after work (it’s the new happy hour!) with an actor/director friend of mine yesterday. I started running my mouth about a few of the plays that are in my head (always a good idea to talk about your story ideas in a coffee shop full of people with laptops), and it occurred to me that perhaps I should spend less time talking and more time writing. So there.

Maybe I’ll write a play this weekend.


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