a couple of funnies

First, please visit the Bald Heretic’s blog and check out this video. The clip is about 3 minutes, but you really need to watch the entire thing to get the effect of the commercial that follows. Hilarious in a horrible, horrible way. Especially the part in the cubicles. I’ve said too much. Just watch it.

Second, the email below was sent to the entire staff last night after a bit of thievery had been discovered from one of the office refrigerators. The author of the email is a friend of mine who’s not normally crazy, so that makes this email all the better. The subject line read: “I am appalled.”

Yesterday, a dear friend presented me with a nice bottle of champagne for my birthday. In an absolute idiotic moment of trust and confidence I left the bottle in the bottom of the fridge near the membership area.

Imagine my absolute surprise when I went to retrieve MY gift and found it missing but did find the remaining pink ribbon. Seriously what does this say about us??!!

If you are ‘that one’ I am requesting that you step up and do the right thing by replacing it. No questions asked!

P.S.- if you are ‘that one’ and don’t replace it you should know that not only do I practice black magic and I know people! (notice there’s no smiley face emoticon here) Ain’t kiddin’ I am vindictive!!!

Holy shit, that’s funny.

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