accidental marathon

– On my usually uneventful Sunday morning trip to Central Market this morning, I encountered the marathon. In my ill-planned attempt to avoid it, I ended up driving alongside it for a few miles along Memorial and then Woodway (because I couldn’t turn left to get on 610). It was before 9AM, and as I drove down Memorial I saw the runners who were around miles 20-22. So the people who were at that point in their journey were kicking ass. Good on them. What sucked is that I drove in my own accidental marathon just trying to get to the store. I won’t bore you with the details.

– I now have a twitter account. I spent all of last weekend with the DiverseWorks artist cohort, of which I am a member, and we worked on our networking and marketing (online) skills. They made us all set up twitter accounts. I’m still fairly reticent to post things on it, and I don’t find myself reading other people’s posts that much. We’ll see how it goes. Sometimes I’m an early adopter; sometimes it takes me a while to catch my stride.

– I don’t know if I’ve mentioned the artist cohort thing before or not, but I’m really enjoying it. There are about 30 of us (artists) who get together at least once a month for workshops (led by local artists and arts administrators) aimed at making us better businesspeople. The assumption being that we know how to create art (or in my case, whatever you’d call what I do), but we can all use help on the business end. Each month targets a different area (strategic planning, budgeting, etc.). One of the most useful things that has come out of this series is the networking that is happening among the participants. DiverseWorks has been encouraging relationship building and non-monetary exchanges (I’ll do some writing for you, and in exchange you’ll shoot my headshot or help me create a website). I dig it.

– James and I are going to Northern California in May to see the Dead on what may be their last tour. I’m excited to head up that way again. In addition to a couple of nights in San Francisco and then the show in Mountain View, we’re trying to decide whether or not to hit Big Sur (Deetjen’s). I don’t know how much the area has recovered from last year’s fires. By the way, fire came within 15 feet of Deetjen’s. I’m pretty sure Grandpa Deetjen’s spirit surrounded the place and kept it safe. Talk about something that could never be rebuilt… It’s the only place I’ve ever stayed where the doors have no locks. And I was okay with it. This from a person who has OCD about locking doors. The vibe there just makes it okay. (Of course, you can take the girl out of the city and all that – I locked things in the rental car when we were going to be gone during the day.) Another interesting thing about staying at Deetjen’s are the journals that are in every room. You’re encouraged to read through the current and past journals and write your own entry. Some of the things travellers have written are poetic, some almost pornographic, some educational (if you want to find XX place, here’s how to get there). The journals in the room we stayed in last time went back at least two decades. I’d like to stay in the same room and read what I wrote. I don’t remember because I was loaded on wine. I sho do love to write when I’ve been drinking.

– No, I haven’t been drinking today.


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