old home week

I joined facebook a few months ago. I’d dragged my feet doing so because I didn’t want to have to keep track of yet another site. But I find myself on myspace pretty much not at all – I go on there to post a copy of what I write on blogger and to respond to the occasional email, but that’s it. So I realized I wasn’t really adding to my internet load, and I was joining a site that had more of my contemporaries on it than myspace does.

My initial “friends” on facebook were mostly people I still see. People from the Alley, PBS, current friends. Now that my network has grown a bit, I’m coming across more…random people. And they me. In the past week, I’ve reconnected with: 2 guys I lived in the UH dorms with (’88), 2 chicks I worked at Chili’s with (’89), 2 buddies of mine from the Lizzard’s days (early ’90s). Not to mention people from high school, whom I haven’t seen/spoken to since graduation 20 (!) years ago.

The phenomenon of getting reacquainted with people from your past is…odd. Are you not currently in touch because of time, distance, divergent interests, a falling out? With some people – mostly those from the high school era- I would say divergent interests (and disinterest on both parts) is the culprit. Which is why we now tend to exchange a couple of emails (Hey! How are you? It’s so great to hear from you. You’re bummed that Obama won? Hhmmm. Okay. Yeah, I’m not really into guns. Or Jesus. But good for you. I’ll talk to you later.), and then that’s it.

Now that I’m getting in touch with people from my early college years, it’ll be interesting to see where that goes. The emails will probably go back and forth a little longer, and I think that we’ll have more things in common, but I’m not sure we’re all going to start hanging out again. I don’t see my current friends enough as it is. Still, there’s a comfort and satisfaction in sharing a laugh or two with people who were in your life when you were still evolving into an adult.

(Yes, I realize I am still evolving into an adult, but the pace has slowed. Dramatically.)

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