– Just saw a job listing for a local arts organization that listed the following:

Salary: Commiserate with experience

Does that mean that instead of a paycheck someone comes to your desk to lament the shitty salaries we make in the non-profit world? Or that someone feels sorry for you for getting a liberal arts degree?

– The Burger King “virgin” commercials suck. Can you imagine someone from the bush eating a cheeseburger laced with trans fats and high fructose corn syrup and actually enjoying it? I would think that someone who truly has never eaten anything plastic like that would immediately regurgitate it and kick the camera guy in the nuts.

– I’m itching to get out of town. I really enjoyed this year’s road trip and wouldn’t mind doing another one of those. I just takes so damn long to get out of Texas. Two days of your trip are spent getting from Houston to the border and back. Assuming you are travelling west, which is a pretty good assumption. We were going to do Christmas with the family in Big Sur this year, but that plan changed once the new Jackson started cooking. (He’s due to arrive in late January, by the way.) The more I travel, the more I want to travel. And sometimes the more I want to move away. But that’s another story.

– It’s been great having a little taste of winter (between days where the high is near 80). My skin hates it, though. I don’t know what I would do if I lived in a cold climate. I guess all of my skin would eventually peel off and be replaced with…what…scales? My hands are so dry they a) look like they belong to an 80-year-old and b) have knuckles that are so raw they start bleeding at the slightest tap. Yeah, pretty. When I worked at the grocery/feedstore in the country, the old men would put bag balm on their hands during the winter. A little for the cow’s teats, a little for my hands. Maybe I should get some of that. I just worry that my fingers will slip off the keyboard.

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