it’s the most wonderful time of the year

I adore the time of year from Halloween through New Year’s. How can you not? The weather in Houston is finally mild (and in the case of this week – sometimes it snows!), friends and family get together more often and people start thinking about the things in their lives for which they are grateful. You can even refer to a particular moment or two as “magical” and not get laughed at.

In our house, as soon as Thanksgiving is over and December has arrived, the Christmas decorations start coming out. There are two seasonal framed photos that are among the first things unpacked. One is a shot of my brother Tohner, probably about 8 years old, dancing in front of the Christmas tree in an open button-down shirt and his underwear. It’s a great picture of a happy, excited little kid. The other is a shot of Robert, taken at a Sears “portrait gallery” a few years ago as a gift to his parents. I was lucky enough to receive a copy of it. It’s fantastic.

So those pictures go out first. Then the lights get put on the outside of the house. Then we get a tree, and I get to look at all of the great Christmas ornaments I’ve collected and been given over the years. Since I like to buy ornaments (or things that will work as such) when we travel, I’ve finally started writing the when/where on the backs of each so I can remember where something came from 10 years down the line. James and I both have a fondness for obnoxious lights, so our tree is looking pretty funky these days. We have one strand that looks like huge diamond solitaires, only in color. Ridiculous, yet perfect. And we have a strand of LED icicle lights on the outside of the house that changes from blue to white and back again. Awesome.

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