This blog is still seeing a lot of action since the “news” report last week. For any new readers I’ve picked up, here’s a quick 101 on the Pithy blog.

– There is a lone hair that grows out of the bottom of my chin. I blog about it when it shows up, which is every few months, even though no one wants to hear about it.

– “Rat dog” refers to my rat terrier/chihuahua mix Stella. She’s four years old and is 10 pounds of sweet/bitchy splendor.

– I constantly bitch about the gentrification of my favorite Houston neighborhood, the Heights, even though it does nothing to stop the destruction.

– I cuss too much.

– Most of my online time is spent writing in my two blogs and reading the blogs of others. If you know of a funny one you think I should read, please leave a link in the comments.

– Someday I hope to own a dog farm, where dogs that don’t have a place to live can stay. It will be a place with rolling hills. In the morning, I will walk out on the front porch in my robe, clasping a cup of hot tea, and I will watch herds (dens?) of dogs running over the hills. There will be one dog that gets to live in the house and will be reviled by all of the other dogs. I will have dorm-style housing, far from my house, where vet grad students will live while they go to school. In exchange for a free place to live, they will take care of the dogs. And clean the dog shit. This will probably never happen, but I like to picture it anyway.

– Another fantasy of mine is to have a writing cabin in the woods that is just within sight of my house. This one is a little more within reach. I have not yet designed the cabin, but I do know that it will have unfinished wood walls, one or two windows, a clean desk and lots of books. If the cabin cannot be in the woods (because I don’t end up in a house that is situated near that many trees), a Japanese tea garden would be a worthy alternative setting. And may end up being the preferred alternative, actually.

– I once went on something called the “burger journey” with my friend Dennis. My body paid the price. I haven’t had a burger in over four months. My body now thanks me. Dennis does not. The cheese stands alone.

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