want to join the fight?

In light of the increased traffic to my blog, I thought I’d extend the offer that exists on my website.

If you would like your very own Fight stupidization. sticker, send an email to crystal at cryjack dot com with your address and your plan to fight stupidization. I have about two dozen stickers left, so first-come-first-served.

What is stupidization?
Stupidization is a disorder that has been around for a long time but is reaching epidemic proportions today. From well-dressed-yet-vacuous politicians to your neighbor who always wears a bluetooth headset (even in the pool), people who are afflicted with stupidization often don’t realize they have a problem. Instead, they go about their lives – navel-gazing and mouth-breathing – not understanding there’s a big, wide world out there. A world that has more to offer than fast food, fake patriotism and gastric bypass surgery.

Who is affected by stupidization?
Though stupidization does not discriminate and can affect anyone at any time, it tends to hit certain groups harder than others. Those most susceptible include hipsters, constant text messagers, paparazzi, fake magicians with TV shows, bloviating jackasses and people who use an in-car computer to find their way to point B.

How do I fight stupidization?
Each person’s plan is unique to that person. I choose to fight stupidization by writing plays that address current societal issues in an absurd way in hopes of inciting conversation, internally or with others, among audience members. You might fight stupidization by boycotting soulless TV programs that display the worst mankind has to offer. Or throwing away that water bra and embracing your slender figure. Or realizing that a bald head just means you need to wear more sunblock. Or keeping your eyes open and paying attention to what is real while ignoring the mindless chatter that surrounds you. Or realizing that there is still hope for humanity, and we’re not necessarily on the path to destruction.

[The picture at the top of the post shows what a Fight stupidization. sticker looks like. That shot was taken moments after arriving at Grand Canyon and moments before I witnessed the most beautiful sunset ever.]

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