damn, this tomato soup is delicious

Yesterday I made a delicous creamy tomato soup that I’m eating for lunch right now. My only issue with it is the color – it’s a light orange, like you’d expect in a butternut squash soup. So though my mouth is tasting tomato, it is getting some talk back from my eyes. This makes me wonder what restaurants put in their tomato soups to make them so red. And, yes, I used tomatoes to make it. They were fresh – maybe fresh tomatoes end up being lighter in color? Regardless, I dig it.

Other than getting a few hits on my playwriting website, last night’s report hasn’t made much of a ripple. It gets down to this – the people who come to my shows (and probably go see most of the other theatre in town, from the Alley on down to the independent theatremakers) understand that you can’t judge a piece of “art” by one line. Or a three-word description. Or a one-inch-square portion of a 10-foot canvas. The people who feel comfortable making assumptions like that probably wouldn’t be coming to see one of my shows anyway.

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