dog farm

I had a dream two nights ago that featured Dali and Stella, our two dogs. Plus a third dog. She was cute – slightly larger than Stella. Short, white hair with two brown spots around her eyes. I was in my old garage apartment in the dream, and both Dali and Stella were upstairs with me. I could see the little white dog was in the backyard through the kitchen window. I called down the stairs for her to come up, and then the dream shifted into whatever the next random thing was. Me flying a bus-sized caterpillar or something.

You know that I have dreams of living on a dog farm some day, a place where any and all dogs can find a home and run through the grass and frolic and eat cat turds and whatever else makes them happy. So it’s not entirely unusual for me to dream about dogs.

Today I received one of those heart-jerking emails from a coworker about a little dog her friend found on the side of a highway. Wanna guess what the dog looks like?

The rule in our house is the dogs can’t outnumber the people. But that sho is a cute doggie. Maybe we can find a hobo to stay in the second bedroom…

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