goodbye Cletus, hello Hope

Wow. Way to go America! Though I was optimistic, part of me is so used to being disappointed that I remained guarded. Especially living in a red(neck) state like Texas. I am pleased to see that Harris County went to Obama.

The Republicans who sit outside my office haven’t said anything this morning. One of them appears to have a cold and is sniffling a lot. Otherwise, not a peep. Which is good. Because I don’t think I could sit here and listen to any crap about how he stole the election (guess 7 million Mickey Mouses showed up to vote with a fake ACORN voter registration card).

McCain’s concession speech last night was great. But it doesn’t negate what he did and allowed to happen in his name for the past few months. A coworker who voted for Obama but liked the McCain of 8 years ago said that we saw the “real” McCain last night. I disagree. He can’t try to swiftboat his opponent and “go negative” and use air quotes and pick a turdmucher like Palin and talk about people being “pro-abortion” and then get excused because he gives a conciliatory speech. Today’s McCain is the doddering, angry, twitchy one we saw under pressure. Perhaps the “real” McCain that people claim existed has gone extinct. It may have been around 8 or 20 years ago, but it’s gone now. Speech or no speech.

I can’t wait to see what our new government can accomplish. I look forward to watching a President who leads with calm compassion and thoughtful introspection. I want to put my cynicism aside. I want to believe we can pull ourselves up out of the muck. I want to see an end to the Toby Keith/Hank Williams Jr. fake patriotism that accomplishes nothing. I want America to put real learning (rather than standardized tests) first so we aren’t buried by the Chinese and other countries that understand the value of an education.

I want it all to be okay.

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