holding my breath

I told my boss I might be in late tomorrow for one of two reasons. I’ll either be up late celebrating the pending end of the dark ages, or I’ll be packing my bags for Canada.

Some McCain supporters at work are talking about “voter fraud” right now. I guess they’re preparing themselves for disappointment by suggesting that an Obama win is not a legitimate one. I understand that this is a scary time for conservatives as progressives gain a strong foothold. Perhaps it had to take 8 years of COTUS (Cletus of the United States) in order for us to arrive at this destination.

And I’m not counting chickens early. The day is young. But regardless of what happens, there’s a glimmer of hope for America. Maybe we aren’t just a country of mouth-breathing, navel-gazing asswipes who are more concerned with what the celebutante of the moment is doing than what we’re doing as a collective entity. There was a time (the founding of our country) when our leaders were big thinkers with good vocabularies and strong minds. Imagine a return to that level of discourse. That we again celebrate and value intelligence instead of calling it “elitist,” as if it makes you an asshole to have a brain.

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