(today is Halloween)

There’s a guy at work who is wearing pajamas and a robe and has a towel around his neck. So, what, he came dressed as himself, 12 hours in the future? Isn’t the point of dressing up for Halloween as an adult to do something very different from who you are the rest of the time? Rather than just come as a late evening version of yourself?

The only thing worse than that is the whorish/cute stuff that so many women wear.

What are you?

“I’m a little mouse.”

Hhhhmmmm. Yeah, I don’t think little mice wear fishnets and have their boobs hanging out. Do mice even have boobs? I’m always too polite to look.

The last time I dressed for Halloween was a good decade and a half ago. I was a vampire, and I wore fangs that I bonded to my canine teeth. Had “blood” dripping out of the side of my mouth. Wore a cape. Granted, I did wear a dress with my boobs hanging out, but that was because I was a vampire. At least it fit the theme. Last time I checked, nurses don’t show a lot of cleavage. Maybe I just don’t know any naughty nurses.

Why don’t these women just come as, say, a streetwalker?

You look just like a whore! Great costume!

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