Yes we can

What a joy it was to vote yesterday. To sense that perhaps the end of the dark ages is nigh.

Just think about all of the things that will go away when Bubba Bush/Satan move out and Obama/Biden move in.

– No more nuke-you-lur.

– No more frat boy bravado.

– No more celebration of willful ignorance.

– No more stealing from the poor to give to the rich.

– No more sleight of mind, where people become consumed with words like “pro-America” without really understanding what the concept means.

– No more politicians pretending to be an “average Joe” redneck on the farm/tundra/tarmac while wearing $800 shoes and laughing at the stupid fools who keep them in office.

– No more hearing that “liberal” equals “terrorist” or “doesn’t love America” or “elitist.”

– No more embarrassment when traveling overseas (unless wearing a fanny pack).

– No more fake reality (the Bubba Bush concept of “if you repeat a lie enough, it becomes the truth”).

So much crap going out, and so much wonderment coming in. I don’t believe Obama is the second coming (of course, I don’t believe in the first coming either, but that’s a different story). But I do believe in the quality of his character. I believe he is an honest man, a smart man, an even-tempered, kind man who is honestly in politics for the right reason. I’m sure he has his megalomaniacal qualities – you’d have to in order to run for President- but I think that aspect of his personality is kept in check by everything I just mentioned.

It was my pleasure to pull the lever (well, turn the wheel and click) for Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden. I hope they continue to earn the love and respect they have engendered among so many of us.

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