vital stats

My blog lives in two places. Attached to one of those two locations is a stats counter. One of the things the counter tells me is how people land on my blog. Here are some of the more interesting search terms that brought visitors over the past six weeks:

– good lord and butter
– why are fat white people so stupid
– crackhead lucy
– weird shits
– ufo crystal jackson
– lex luthor super duper
– eccentric uranus
– 15 sec porn moments
– monkeys puckering up
– fletch bluebird shoulder
– yellow rain slicker
– fox newspeak
– rubdown my mom neck –dog –horse –equine
– beautiful black baby
– conservatives outbreeding liberals
– salt and its action on snot
– my bunion blogspot
– dog that looks like rat
– security cavity search free
– assbad
– gummy worm pizza
– galaxy 102 8:30 this morning end of world
– hangover sweating
– scotchguard bedspread
– spamalot erection

The one about the rubdown/mom was kind of worrisome. I need to look up which blog entry satisfied that search.

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