I don’t know what to say

Sarah’s greatest hits. Watch it, if you dare. It’ll make your ass twitch and your brain hurt.

She reminds me of Dick Cheney in more ways than one. She gets that same death stare look in her eyes when she’s challenged. And she shares that same dangerous lack of humility, morals, shame, care for her fellow man. My theory is that if, God forbid, McCain wins the election next month, the Republican cabal will let her serve in her secondary role for maybe six months before they bring her ass down. They’ll either intensify one of the many scandals or will “encourage” her to step down for the “sake of her family.” She’s not like George W. He’s an easy puppet to control. This skeeze won’t be so easy to tell what to do. Where Bush has put his misguided dedication to “the Lord,” his cronies and his family first, Palin puts only Palin first. McCain should worry about that bitch sneaking into his room at night with a pillow to snuff the bitter life out of him.


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