Ask a Dilettante – Don’t Wear Your Heart on Your T-Shirt

I’m really excited about wearing my Obama shirt when I go vote. I’m thinking if I’m really friendly to the other people in line and I look good – the shirt’s tight and I fill it out pretty well, if you know what I mean – maybe I’ll be able to sway a few undecided voters. Do you have any tips on ways to impact the masses?
— Kitty, San Antonio

Put that shirt away if you’re planning on voting in Texas. Or Delaware, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, Tennessee or Vermont. Each of these states prohibits voters from wearing politica insignia, which is defined as pins, buttons, t-shirts, hats, stickers, labels, etc. I’ve looked at the Texas Secretary of State Elections Division website, and I’ve yet to find the exact parameters of what’s acceptable attire at Texas polling places. So they aren’t making it easy to find this information.

Here’s what Snopes had to say on the issue.

So I guess what I’m telling you, Kitty, is that you will be taking a chance wearing your Obama tee to the polls. Worst case scenario is they tell you that you can’t wear the shirt inside to vote. This is when you really hammer your message home – take the thing off in front of your new recruits and turn it inside out. That’ll earn you at least a couple of votes for the cause.

And, yes, I do know what you mean.

[While trying to find out the answer to this question, I ran across this article. Interesting.]

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