sexist baby clothes

Babies babies everywhere… I’m going to a friend’s baby shower this weekend. Then I’m throwing another friend a shower in October and doing one for my sister-in-law in November (yes, Tohner’s wife is pregnant – first grandchild for my parents and first kid in our generation of Jacksons, so this is BIG news) (but not NEW news – I just try not to talk too much about other people’s stuff) (most of the time). In preparation for all of this baby celebrating, I just did some shopping at BabiesRUs. It was a bit overwhelming.

First, there was the chick who was treating the help like shit. “NO, you’re not listening to what I’m telling you,” she said. She looked as though she’d just gotten off work from her pole dancing job. It’s funny to be in a store with all this baby shit and see a skanky chick walking around with white pants over a black thong. The shirt was see-through too. Of course. I think see-through shirts come free with the boob job, but I’m not sure. Second, it was hot as hell in there. Maybe they were running off a generator – the traffic light nearby was out, too.

I’m amazed at how sexist baby clothes are. Outfits for little boys are covered with tractors and tools and dinosaurs and people doing things. Outfits for girls are covered with fairies or cupcakes or…dots. I know this is not an original observation, it’s just not something I deal with a lot. (I usually give books when I go to baby showers – Where the Sidewalk Ends is one of the regulars). I’m sure little babies don’t remember whether they had construction workers or lollipops on their infant clothes, so the designs are really for the adults who are dressing/looking at the babies. I just think it’s a shame that boys have… action, and girls have…food. They could at least have girl clothes featuring someone baking the cupcakes.

And yes, I realize one could give a little girl an outfit with tractors and frogs on it. But I think a purchase like that has to be made by the parent, not the smartass friend.

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