how’d you do?

A new phrase has entered the vernacular this week in reference to the hurricane: How’d you do. Everywhere you go – work, grocery store, getting gas – people ask this question. They barely wait for you to mention the branches or the power or whatever before launching into their own tale of woe. So you can’t dry your hair. Big deal.

When we were spending hours hauling huge branches off our house and garage and living without power for five or six days, I felt as though we’d been impacted by the storm. After returning to the internet/TV world, I realized that we got off with barely a scratch. So it seems rather disingenuous to have these conversations about how the storm impacted our lives because, hey, we still have homes. Those homes may be without power or internet or phone lines, but they’re standing.

None of my possessions were flooded. The dogs are fine. Even the fish and frogs made it through a full week with no water filtering in their aquariums. So we didn’t have power for a few days and we still don’t have phone, internet, cable. Big deal. It all pales in comparison.

That being said, I’m still eventually going to blog about the experience (with pictures). Not to bitch and moan, but because I want to chronicle it for myself.

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