well THAT was interesting

I said in my last post that I was morbidly excited about the arrival of the hurricane. Boy did it deliver. I was scared shitless. The first huge tree section landed on the house about 1:30AM, and it was a crazy ride until about 7AM. I’ve never experienced anything like it, nor have I experienced anything like what’s happened since. Six days in, we still don’t have power. So we’ve been hanging outside a lot, pooling food with the neighbors and getting drunk on wine by candlelight. The lack of electronic diversions has been very freeing. I’ve been blogging in my head the entire time, of course, but I haven’t been sitting on my ass in front of a computer for almost a week. Instead, I’ve been clearing out massive amounts of tree debris, sitting on the back steps throwing stale bread to the little birds that have moved in, having conversations with James without the background noise of football on TV or me typing. I kind of like this new way of life. But only as long as it remains cool. Once the 90-degree weather returns, I’ll turn into a hag.

I’ll post a full blog (with pictures) once I have electricity at home. I’m at work now and am almost blinded by these electric lights. How quickly one grows used to the soft flickering of candlelight and the pure light of day.

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